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Iku Kawachi
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The Digital Age: Leadership in Sports

A mini-feature on leadership as seen through the eyes of two leaders in professional and amateur sports in the greater Seattle area.(December 2012)

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Blacktips: Up Close and Personal

A fully interactive illustrated news graphic on blacktip sharks, a species of shark common to Florida waters. (May 2011)

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Boeing 787: The Next Big Thing

A feature graphic on the Boeing 787, the company’s newest commercial airliner currently undergoing flight testing. (December 2010)

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Skies Above Skies

An animated gallery and slideshow featuring photos of various skies. Designed in collaboration with Danielle Ungermann.(November 2010)

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The Numbers Game

A mock-up of the interface of a search engine specializing in sports statistics. Also contains an example results page.(November 2010)

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Multimedia Project: Overtown, Miami

A multi-chapter audio slideshow on the Overtown neighborhood and the homelessness, poverty, and housing issues that plague it.(May 2009)

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